Brands That Speak to You

It’s safe to say that most of us have our everyday go-to brands when shopping. Some of us evolve over time whilst some get stuck in post college closet purgatory, tormented by flip flops, college tees and sweatshirts and become utterly overwhelmed. The key to finding the right brand is to start small whilst not being afraid to venture outside of your comfort zone. You’ll either decide that you hate the brand or you’ll find your new sartorial best friend. I choose brands that inspire my colorful personality (everyone who knows me knows that I think in pink), has tons of petite options (if your clothes don’t fit then you must acquit), is affordable (lets be real, you’ll never build your dream closet seeking out unattainable brands), has trendy but classic pieces (the boring white shirt can be worn many ways) and is distinctive (ever show up to a gathering and everyone is wearing a variation of the same outfit?). Some of the brands that speak to me include J.Crew, Zara, ASOS, and Ann Taylor. These are mid-range in terms of cost and make up most of my closet. These brands won’t appeal to everyone, but with a little bit of patience you too can find your own happy place. 

Picking brands that speak to you

Picking brands that speak to you

Picking brands that speak to you

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  • Julie

    June 5, 2017

    I honestly am not a huge brand person when it comes to clothing. I use to only purchase bras from Victoria’s Secret but when I got a bra for a gag gift from a friend I fell in love with it. So I switched to that brand and never looked back. Other clothing I don’t mind as long as the style is in my range. Thanks for sharing!
    Julie *


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