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Adding tulle to your grown-up closet
Tulle We Meet Again

A tulle skirt can be a very nifty addition to any grown-up closet; however, most women tend to shy away from the trend. It is perfect…

Turning frumpy into chic
Frumpy Chic

I’ve totally hitched my wagon to this new minimalist movement. If I can’t see myself wearing an item of clothing multiple ways then it doesn’t…

A weekend in Denver
Fashion, Travel
Denver Darling

Blazer: No longer available (similar) Pants: No longer available (similar) Bag: Cambridge Satchel Co. (Currently on sale!) Shoes: Old (similar)  Blouse: Top Shop  

In Seattle, I could definitely feel a fashion pulse that was both rugged and chic.
Fashion, Travel
Seattle’s Best

There is something incredibly romantic and inspiring about a city centered on earthy, homegrown principles. As I wandered around Pike Street Market, I could definitely feel…

Fall Transitions

Fall is my favorite season for fashion. It is the prime opportunity to begin layering and adding a bit of texture to you summer pieces….

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Exploring Cannes

Cannes is a stylish seaside metropolis that originated as a small fishing village sometime around 42BC. Over time wealthy travelers and aristocrats fell in love…

Camouflaged in Polkadots

To match or not to match, that is the question… There is something profoundly individualistic about wearing items of clothing that bear no relationship to…

The Bag Made Me Do It

I was recently introduced to an interesting article in the Wall Street Journal titled “Revenge of the anti it-bag.” In this article it highlights the…