Turning frumpy into chic
Frumpy Chic

I’ve totally hitched my wagon to this new minimalist movement. If I can’t see myself wearing an item of clothing multiple ways then it doesn’t belong in my closet. I would consider myself a creative person, but if creativity is the ability to inspire imagination and ingenuity then adding an extra pair of nude heals to the mix lends little or nothing to constructing the ultimate closet. So in my valiant attempt at crafting a streamlined wardrobe, I’m starting with this frumpy functional duster that I’m certain will be worn more ways than one. (Plus it’s on sale — who can beat that?)

Turning frumpy into chic

Turning frumpy into chic

Sweater:  Zara 

Shirt: Loft 

Boots: Hunter

Dress: ASOS

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