Derby style
Get Down and Derby

In honor of upcoming Derby season and my indiscriminate hat obsession, I’m sharing my favorite budget-friendly hats for this upcoming Triple Crown Season. A few things to keep in mind when choosing your hat:

  1. Weather: It can be unseasonably warm in May, so consider a fascinator or airy material like sinamay. Sinamy tends to hold its shape and so travels very well.
  2. Your Dress: Your hat does not need to match the dress and spring colors are mandatory. If you plan on wearing an obscenely large dramatic hat, I recommend buying the hat first then the dress.
  3. Cost: A well-made derby hat can be extremely costly, upwards of $500. Budget-friendly options can be found at places like Nordstroms, Amazon, and Etsy. If you are going for an elaborate custom made piece it may take up to 4 weeks so plan head.

A few of my favorites:

Fun and Flirty: Sinamay Derby Hat from Nordstrom

Darling but Daring: Asymmetrical Sinamay Derby Hat from Nordstrom

No Fuss: Wide Brim Hat by AwardDesign on Etsy

For the Sophisticated Lady: Ascot Wide Brim Hat by Irinav Sardareva Hats on Etsy


Obsessed with Drama: Coral Easter Hat by Makowsky Millinery on Etsy


Think Pink: Sinamay and Silk Wide Brim from The Original Tree on Etsy



Just Fascinating: Yellow Bees Disk Fascinator by Arturo Rios on Etsy


Kate Middleton Approved: Tea Party Hat by Queen Sugar Bee on Etsy


Fascinator Procrastinator: Fascinator Cocktail Hat from Amazon

Happy Derby season!

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